Meet Our Team


Hansh Kulkarni – Chief Executive Officer

“I feel very fortunate to lead a team of consummate professionals in the field of holographic hardware and software development which are delivered out of Chile and Scottsdale, AZ. We plan to lead the field of hNode research and be the manufacturer and entertainment leader of the holo-future.”


Karis Hurst – Chief Hoxeltech Designer

Apart from the initial grey box development, Karis has brought the initial small 3D volumetric design of BLACKROOM to a much grander, large-room scale. Influential in the early development of BLACKROOM, Karis has continued to innovate on the original design and is a key contributor to the future development and direction of HOXAR, Inc’s technology.

“My job is full of new experiences everyday in this amazing, new field. My hNode technology team is strong and pushing the envelope every day to make us the leader in all things holographic.


Dr. Santiago Sonora – Chief hNode Engineer

Santiago Sonora is the lead engineer responsible for creating many of the HOXAR, Inc. in-house BLACKROOM experiences. Transporting users to another world is our goal, and Santiago helps test and maintain the utmost realism in each of our created BLACKROOM scenarios.

“With the ability to visualize and interact with anything you could imagine, my job is limited only by my team’s imagination. The things we create on a daily basis could never have existed even 5 years ago. HOXAR is an incredible place.”