Top Secret Clash Of Clans TH11 Hybrid Base Layouts 2017

When I reached level 11, I was feeling two things at the same time. The first one was happiness and the second one was aconcern, simply because this is a difficult level and all enemies are already experts. After experimenting and many defeats, I started using the layouts mentioned below.

All of the made Clash of Clans th11 hybrid base 2017 incredibly successful and almost immune to the attacks. The best part is that you don’t have to experiment, you can only download a layout here and use it.

Clash of Clans th11 hybrid base 2017 layout for slow meta attacks

The layout here is simply impressive when it comes to the slow meta attacks. The main secret is in the base size. First and foremost, the base is much bigger than usual, meaning that an enemy will need far more time to reach all facilities and actually make a progress. The COC th11 hybrid base 2017 design is suitable for defense-oriented players. It is even effective against more advanced attacks.

Ring bases for ultimate supremacy

This Clash of Clans town hall 11 hybrid base is one of the most sophisticated I have encountered. It is actually so effective in defending the core that even some of the most proficient attackers will skip attacking you and move on to the next base. The main reason for that are ring bases.

They are positioned away from the core, but they are also the first thing an opponent will meet on the road towards the core. Only when all ring bases are destroyed, a player can reach the core, which is impossible in most cases. Download the layout here in order to make your base bulletproof.

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Ring protection funnels

Funnels are a common element in the Clash of Clans and they are very effective. In essence, these parts will force the opponents towards the core, but they will encounter literally the entire defense you already have. In previous levels, one funnel is sufficient, but in the level 11, more than 2-3 are definitely recommended.

COC town hall 11 hybrid base design here is the ultimate way to protect the dark elixir as well. Around the base are base rings that are just a distraction, forcing the enemy’s troops in the mentioned funnels. The end result is a possibility to repel even the most severe attacks while causing asevere loss of the enemy. Download it here and try it right now.

Best th11 hybrid base 2017 layout against balloons

The design here is specifically made for enemies who use Balloons. AS such, all of them will have to be forced to the exterior wall, while reaching the core would be almost impossible. Another reason why I personally adore this layout are the traps. It comes with a variety of them, so even the biggest attacks will end with a serious loss of the units.

I discovered that players have a much bigger desire to destroy the defense when it is very strong. In this case, they will try to destroy all of it, while the core will stay intact. Most opponents will simply move around the exterior wall trying to eliminate the traps and the defenses. Download the ultimate defense layout right here.

Lava Hounds enter into the base while balloons are destroyed

Here I will talk about the best town hall 11 hybrid base 2017 layout for enemies who prefer the Lava Hounds and balloons. The entire base is designed specifically for attacks of this kind, but it works really well against other units and attacks.

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In essence, Lava Hounds will be sucked inside the base, even allowed to cause minor damages. However, balloons will stay unprotected, which is the main goal actually. Then Air Defenses come into action. They will annihilate all of the balloons in a matter of seconds.

The second layout, inside the base, is developed for destroying the Lava Hounds. So, the bottom line is that the entire attack will be repelled and inefficient as soon as possible. I actually prefer this design very much, thanks to the original and realistic positioning, paired with strong defense. Your next mission is to download the layout.

The final word

For the level 11, these are the ultimate layouts. They are the best of the best and they won’t be easy to defeat no matter how strong your opponent is. Most enemies will simply skip the base with these layouts, which is ideal if you are aresource-focused player (like building up your resources).

I would also recommend you to download and try a few of these coc layouts, so you can determine which one is the most suitable for your unique gameplay. Nevertheless, all of them are effective and powerful in their own way.

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