Top Secret Clash Of Clans TH7 War Base Layouts 2017

I like the war bases the most and I personally believe that they are the most appealing part of the game. The best Clash of Clans th7 war base 2017 layouts are tricky to develop and they are tricky to maintain, due to just one reason. Most war bases are designed to be efficient against just one type of attacks.

During the level 7 I had a huge problem with attackers who used dragons only. They are annoyingly strong and powerful treat to a base, so defending it was a difficult task. That’s why I will mention the layout that helped me the first.

On the other hand, I also noticed that some layouts are great for defending the base against all kinds of enemies. They are slightly more complicated to develop, but they are the only thing some players should use. Especially those who are being attacked all the time, by different enemy’s troops.

The best Clash of Clans th7 war base 2017 layout against dragons

Dragons. They are a huge treat and they are very powerful. That’s why this layout is the one you should use. It solved my problem and probably it will solve yours as well. The main aspect of the base is the outside ring. It is strong and it is more important than you may believe, specifically because it has the purpose to direct dragons where you want them.

At the core, we have air defenses. They are not only powerful against dragons, they are also agreat alternative in general. Now, once an attacker sends his dragons to attack you, they will be forced to go around the wall, while the defense is destroying them. Only a small number of players know how to funnel the dragons in order to avoid this defense. Chances are high your attacker won’t know that. Download it here and finally defeat all the dragons.

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Layout versus dragons and hog riders

I prefer the base layout above because it is superb against dragons. But the COC th7 war base 2017 layout here is slightly different. Basically, it is similar to the first one I mentioned, but it also has defenses against hog riders. The best part about it are traps and bombs, especially giant bombs. It works inthe similar way as well.

The attacker units will be forced to move around the base, instead of penetrating the core. Air defenses will destroy dragons, while bombs will take care of the hog riders. The only thing an attacker can actually do is to use healing spells at a specific time, but it still won’t have any success. Download the Clash of Clans town hall 7 war base layout here and finally defeat all the enemies who prefer dragons and hog riders.

Best COC town hall 7 war base layout against giants

Are giants a huge problem for you? Simply download this layout and relax. This is actually one of the most common base designs right now, just because giant attacks are more and more popular nowadays, for some reason. The situation is going to be even more severe because giants are going to be more common in the close future! That’s why this is the best th7 war base 2017 layout right now and it is the one with the highest potential.

Now, how does it work? It simply makes giants go around the base or on just one side (usually right side). The defense here is the strongest, so all of them will be eliminated soon. Attacks from the north or even east won’t have any success either, so this layout is 100% bulletproof. Surprisingly, all you have to do is to download it and that’s it.

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Tricky base layout for luring the enemies into traps

All of you who are like me, who like luring the enemies into traps and then enjoy in victory will appreciate this base design. Furthermore, it is the best town hall 7 war base 2017 design of this kind. It is probably one of the best at the level 7 in general. It uses the traps all around the base and then it is capable of funneling the enemy’s units at a specific location. Only collectors and mines can be affected by the attack, while all the rest is fully protected. Why not try it after downloading it here?

The final thought

The level 7 isn’t as easy as most of you believe. I know, because I had a hard time passing it with success. You can do two things. The first one is to spend weeks trying to prevent attacks and the second one is to download one of these layouts and achieve the same goal in a few minutes. Your choice.

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