Top Secret Clash Of Clans TH8 Farming Base Layouts 2017

Are you looking for the best Clash of Clans TH8 farming base 2017 layouts? You need them for the COC Town Hall 8 farming base. Well, it is not surprising, as many players are looking for them. However, through this post, I intend to make you an early bird in grabbing the secret layouts to make your game not only more exciting but also more impenetrable for your foes at a higher level.

So, you are in the right place. I am a big fan of this game, with an experience of over three years. At the same time, I am also an avid researcher who keeps looking for new layouts for different bases. This time, I have come up with some secret farming base layout that shall aid you in ruling the play.

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Overview of COC Town Hall 8

Town Hall or TH 8 is where farming becomes genuinely exciting for the players. Before it or until TH 7, the Barbarians or Archers + Barbarians formed the most effective yet simple army composition. This was perhaps because the composition required only a few resources and could facilitate nagging full resource collectors from an opponent.

With TH 8, two noteworthy improvements have seemed to change the farming strategy: The requirement of collecting a big amount of Dark Elixir (DE) and a colossal increase in army strength via level 5 upgrades (including Wizards, Goblins, Wall Breakers, and Giants).

Since players with a high amount of DE protect their resources well, it is essential to control their sudden strength increase for blowing deeper into the bases of the enemy and consequently obtaining access to the Dark Elixir. So, they require both elixir and gold for upgrades and research along with DE for research and hero upgrades.

Overview of the COC Town Hall 8 Farming Base

So, are you forced to think why that typical town hall is outside his walls? Well, that’s the specialty of a Clash of Clans Town Hall 8 farming base. Well, there are many bases in COC, such as trophy, war, farming, and hybrid. Depending on what you are going for and how you play, you tend to decide your base.

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The COC TH8 farming base 2017 is for protecting as many resources as possible without bothering for the trophies. Several of its layouts keep the town hall outside the walls, so that it acts as a simple shield to avert being available to other farmers. The attackers shall now hopefully just invade the town hall.

The farming base defends only resources without bothering for the loot or anything else while farming. Usually, it has all storages at its core and an exposed town hall at some corner outside. The strategy is to allow the attackers go away easily with 1000 gold and elixir as well as trophies and leave a 12-hour shield for you.

Mostly, the attackers (a few farmers) after invading the Town Hall would also attack your edifices outside the walls to gain more resources. All resources are behind the walls due to which it becomes hard for the attackers to seize all resources, provided they have 3 stars. The cannons, archer towers, and secret Tesla’s are outside the walls to attack wall invaders and Giants. While approaching closer to any wall, the clan castle troops come into action.

Even a flying unit is attacked, regardless of its direction and position. Most players seeking trophies grab the town hall and escape for an easy win. This is how you get the shield for saving your precious resources are safe.

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Tips on Building the Best Town Hall 8 Farming Base 2017

A good Clash of Cans Th8 farming base 2017 embraces much more than only an unprotected Town Hall for collecting and protecting as much loot as you can. Its layout is such that it aids you to lose only a bit of loot, as you might need to save for a longer time to grab the costlier upgrades.

Although having different aspects, the best Town Hall 8 farming base 2017 makes you fulfill the main goal of defending the Gold and DE in the following manner:

  • Making it unachievable to reach to storages
  • Facilitating the collections and mines outside to diver the attention of the attacker
  • Giving 30% to the attacker to permit a shield to you
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In simple terms, it is unwise to have all storages at the core, as then the core shall attract the attacker easily. So, the key is to disperse the storages into various areas, due to which the attacker can catch hold of just one or two, and not all. It is also a good strategy to mix the storages.

The best TH8 farming base 2017 layouts may seem like the war bases but the latest update prevents TH sniping. So, it is rational to go for the similar war strategies but the resources should be nearer inside the base. Here are some more tips:

  • Use similar plans to place bombs and battlements as war bases.
  • Disperse the resources on the opposite ends so that an attacker cannot reach the other side for grabbing the resources.
  • Have DE storages in the middle.
  • Place the clan castle in the middle due to which the attacker cannot trigger them.
Clash of Clans TH8 Farming Base 2017 Layouts

For the farming base to work, your layout should be good. In fact, this is essential as TH8 is among the longest Town Halls to remain in during your voyage of Clash of Clans. Further, farming and saving resources simultaneously can be challenging. So, you need to choose from a collection of strong Clash of Clans TH8 farming base 2017 layouts that can defend your resources and win clan wars.

Some of the most popular layouts include Dark Elixir Protection TH8 farming layout, hybrid TH8 farming layout, and Funneling TH8 farming layout. While the Dark Elixir Protection layout saves the DE by making it compulsory to hit the base very hard, the Hybrid layout protects the Town Hall and outside storages through splash damage. After all, your Town Hall is worth 2% of DE available, 1 Elixir storage, and 1 gold storage.

Just keep them up to date by checking back here after every new update.

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