Top Secret Clash Of Clans TH8 Hybrid Base Layouts 2017

Level 8 is a tricky one, due to specific gaming mechanics and a completely unique tactic that actually work. Luckily for you, I have here the best Clash of Clans th8 hybrid base 2017 layouts which will make this level easier and your base superb when it is compared to your enemies.

They will simply help you avoid defeat even against the strongest enemies. Nobody likes being annihilated in the first clan war, but most players don’t actually know what they should do in order to prevent defeat. Using these layouts will simply solve all the problems and issues you may have.

Bomb Tower is a must in the Clash of Clans th8 hybrid base 2017

No matter who your enemy is, or which units he prefers, a bomb tower is an ultimate weapon. It is powerful, effective and tricky to use. Yes, a Bomb Tower must be positioned perfectly and with a lot of care in order to be 100% effective. Even the smallest mistake here will have a catastrophic effect on the attack and make your base less immune to the attacks.

In this COC th8 hybrid base 2017 layout, we have set all the elements of the base so none of the essences is compromised, but the defense success is boosted up to a new level. Not a single building or unit should affect the Bomb Tower’s range, so it must be positioned carefully, as we already mentioned. Download the layout here in order to get the most from the base.

Giant bombs

We all know that Giant Bombs used to damage Hog Riders 1.5 times, but since October this isn’t the thing. Now, they are more immune to these attacks and they can survive double attacks! Clash of Clans town hall 8 hybrid base layout in question is designed to deal with this issue. It has been tweaked so Hog Riders are still eliminated effectively, despite the fact they are stronger than ever. It is another reason why you should download and use it as soon as possible.

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Power of Dark Elixir

In this COC town hall 8 hybrid base layout, dark Elixir is located in the center of the base, next to the Tesla farms. All of this is designed to protect the core of the base, also known as the main element of your base. A Bomb Tower is located on the left side, due to the fact it is the most effective there, which also helps you repel the most attacks, if not all of them.

Developed to deal with the most common attack units

One of the reasons why this is the best th8 hybrid base 2017 layout is its efficiency against the most frequently used enemy units. They are Hog Riders, as we mentioned earlier, but they are expensive (Dark Elixir), so their number will actually depend on the enemies. BARCH and Giants are however a more common treat. Luckily for you, the layout is designed to funnel them into the second ring of defense. There, all of them will be destroyed as soon as possible.

Immune to the GoHo attacks

Beside Hog Riders, GoHo attacks are the next main element of this level. The best town hall 8 hybrid base 2017 layout has another threat for enemies. It comes with specific traps and spread outside. All of this means that these attacks are relatively unsuccessful, and they are time-consuming. All of this means that the attacks are more likely to be rejected as soon as possible.

No matter which units your enemy uses, the time-consuming layout of the base will make your defense far more efficient while reducing the success rate of the opposing units. Intersections have been tested and updated several times, before the best and the most successful base design has been determined. All of this will protect you in a case of the most dangerous clan war. Simple, useful and easy to adjust if needed. Download and try today.

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Mandatory layout after October update

The Clash of clans th8 hybrid base 2017 layout here must be used if you haven’t made any adjustments after October. I will assume you are, but just in case, if you haven’t, download it here and use it. This is important due to Hog Riders upgrade and several other mechanisms that have been changed.


Don’t waste your time in order to find the best layout for your base. Download these ones here and make your enemies run for their lives. The gameplay will be much easier after that, and the problematic level 8 will be fun to play. At least it will be fun for you because you will have the ultimate layout for the best game of today.

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